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Thank God It’s Friday (Busy Work Week)

thank god its friday popular blog site

Thank God it is Friday! Work has been hectic this week! Right now I’m chilling listening to the Adam and Dr. Drew Podcast while eating cold pizza, and my girlfriend is on my bed using instagram. Sound Boring? No, not really. Ok it sounds boring, but I’m happy with it. It’s about damn time I can unwind from the work ... Read More »

People Playing With Their Cell Phone Instead Of Socializing

people on cell phones

Ah, the modern age cellular phone, how bitter sweet thou are. We all have a cellphone and we pretty much all have a smartphone. Some of you might be reading this on your smart phone right now and the technology factor is just incredible. Who would of thought 10 years ago that today we would have this super powerful computer ... Read More »

Let’s Create 8 Days in a Week instead of 7

8th day exhausted

I propose that we create an 8 day week instead of 7 days. Why wouldn’t this be possible? It’s not like time wouldn’t go the same speed and if we really cared about the way we track it now, couldn’t me still keep a legit timer on a computer of the old way? Here’s the catch though…You are forced to ... Read More »

How To Make An Extra $20,000 Dollars A DAY!

become rich now

I have the key to making an extra $20,000 dollars a day! With my perfected strategy you will be on your way to making Thousands of Dollars a day without even waking up. You can literally be dead and be making more then I am in seconds. This is a full proof way to become a millionaire in less than ... Read More »

Website Traffic Update January 21, 2013

need more traffic

Here is a traffic update for January 21, 2013. Not doing as well as I have hoped. I’m only at 3,146 Unique IP’s for the month of January. If you read my last traffic update, you will notice I am not going to hit my goal. However, I do believe the quality of my visitors has gone up. I seem ... Read More »