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Popular Blog Site Podcast Episode .5 Audio Teaser


This is the first time I have recorded any audio for Popular Blog Site. The quality of this audio isn’t the best. I recorded it with my iPhone driving home from work. Yes, you can hear traffic in the background and my audio is a little weird. It’s actually not to shabby for my first time recording while dodging traffic ... Read More »

Halo GrifBall Pro – New Matchmaking Game

Halo GrifBall

Halo GrifBall is a brand new matchmaking game introduced by Halo today. It’s almost like playing soccer or hockey. They give you a hammer and a sword and you have to run to the ball and score a goal. It is actually pretty fun and I am playing it right now. It’s cool that the company running Halo now keeps ... Read More »

Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion Elite Protein Series Review

Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion Elite Protein Series

Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion Elite Protein Series is much better than the previous MyoFusion, which I originally did a review for almost a year ago. The previous one had offered probiotic but apparently wasn’t liked very much because it messed with people’s stomachs. This version has been reformulated and is much better. Update (1/31/2013): I actually received a Tweet from Gaspari ... Read More »