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Alicia Keys National Anthem Super Bowl 47

Alicia Keys Super Bowl 47 National Anthem

Alicia Keys performed the National Anthem for Super Bowl 47. I actually think she did a fantastic job and even played the piano while singing it fluently. We live in a society in which if you make the smallest error you will be getting criticized by the media for weeks even months at a time. I just listened to Alicia ... Read More »

Don’t Make the Same Mistake I Just Made

Stupid Mistake Popular Blog Site

I just made an epic mistake and please learn from this. I went to check out Popular Blog Site and when I clicked on my saved bookmark, a one page screen came on with Ads. At first I thought maybe someone hacked me but then I realized how dumb I am. My domain name had expired. How could I let ... Read More »

Popular Blog Site January 2013, Traffic Summary

Unique Traffic 5,004

This is a Popular Blog Site Traffic Update for January, 2013. I am using Awstats to track my statistics and once I start receiving some very heavy traffic, I’ll start posting screenshots of Google Analytics as well. January is already over? Wow, this year seems to be flying by already. Before you know it, it’s going to be the end ... Read More »

Brand New Niche Website – Why Are People Left Handed

Why Are People Left Handed Logo

I have created yet another brand new niche website, Why Are People Left Handed .com. I purchased the URL 2 days ago and I already have the homepage and the blog set up. I told you guys, this is my year to shine. It’s 2013 and I’m not messing around. The reason I decided to make a left handed website ... Read More »