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Does anyone else hate mondays?

mondays suck popular blog site

Mondays just completely suck no matter how you look at it. Especially if you have a full-time job. I live for the weekends and now fully understand what it means to have a case of the Mondays. Today I have a severe case. I just sat here staring at the TV for the last few hours getting nothing accomplished. I ... Read More »

Popular Blog Site Podcast Update


The microphone is officially plugged in, and the pop screen is installed. Now I’m just waiting on the headphones and getting my podcast notes ready. The first Popular Blog Site Podcast will be recorded very soon and I will upload it when that happens. I have been talking about my Podcast for a while and if you haven’t heard my ... Read More »

Beer is Good – I Enjoy a Nice Cold Corona

Corona with Lime Popular Blog Site

Every now and then I want a nice refreshing cold beer. What beer is it you say? A nice cold Corona! I really enjoy Corona, yes it is a bit more expensive but it is totally worth it. I do need a slice of lime on the top though, which makes it so much more tasty. You guys are really ... Read More »

I Can Walk Around Walmart for Hours

Walmart Popular Blog Site

Walmart is my go-to store for just about anything. I can buy my deodorant there, my office supplies, electronics, or even groceries. Walmart sells just about everything and it usually is a cheaper price then anywhere else. I know their business practices aren’t very ethical but hey, I’m a consumer who could use cheaper prices. If I’m not shopping there, ... Read More »

This is Why I Love Shopping at Kohls – Kohls Cash!

Kohls Kohls Cash

If you live in an area where there isn’t a Kohls I feel bad for you. I literally just bought 4 hoodies, 2 pairs of shorts, 3 comfort soft hanes t-shirts, and 2 zip-ups for less than $70.00! How did I buy so many clothing items for so cheap? Well, Kohls has awesome prices and the winter season is coming ... Read More »