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Day 1 – The First Day Is Always The Hardest

Diet Scale

It is officially Day 1 of my weight loss challenge. You can read everything about my weight loss journey right here and once you read it you will know that I am posting for the next 84 days about my weight loss journey. Since my Intermittent Fasting schedule is to “fast” on Monday & Thursday, I was able to eat ... Read More »

I Can’t Wait For The Summer Time

Kerasia Beach, Corfu

I am so excited for Summer this year. I live in Chicago and it has just been cold and crappy weather for too damn long. I got spoiled last year because there were days in February where I was able to go to the beach, in Chicago. I thought Global Warming had took it’s toll but no, not lately apparently. ... Read More »

Dr. Oz Does The Harlem Shake


Dr. Oz uploaded a video of his staff and himself doing The Harlem Shake today. I like how Dr. Oz is trying to stay trendy with the times even though he is an older gentlemen who doesn’t have too. I guess since this is The “Harlem” Shake it sorta makes sense since he is a New Yorker. Anybody else tired ... Read More »

Intermittent Fasting 5:2 Ratio – 84 Day Journey

Intermittent Fasting 5-2 Popular Blog Site Diet

This is where I will begin my 84 Day Journey of Intermittent Fasting. It will start on February 19, 2013 and last until May 13, 2013 which is approximately 12 weeks that I will be Intermittent Fasting. I’m going to add a blog post every single day for the next 84 days talking about how my day went, what I ... Read More »

USPLabs Versa-1 Anabolic – The Product Promoter

The Product Promoter Logo

UPSLabs has come out with a brand NEW Patent Pending Anabolic called Versa-1. In just one month of use, the testers had experienced amazing results from Versa-1 just by using one capsule per day. Just one capsule a day and they saw results? Incredible. This product is so innovative that they had to come out with a patent to protect ... Read More »