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I Have Some Awesome Twitter Followers @PopularBlogSite


Everyone who follows me on Twitter has been nothing shy of awesome! I have some of the coolest followers that exist on Twitter and it has been such an awesome experience. I’m so glad I decided to start a Twitter for Popular Blog Site because it has been an awesome way to connect with my followers and blog readers and ... Read More »

Earning Money Is Priceless

Hundred Dollar Bills

Remember that first time you ever earned money? Was it selling lemonade when you were a child? Could it have been the neighbors lawn that you mowed or maybe driveway that you shoveled that earned you your first paycheck? Most of us start out making birthday money or Christmas money, basically money given to us. Unless you’re born with a ... Read More »

Day 7 – Signed Up For A Gym Membership

gym membership

Today is Day 7 of my diet and I finally got my gym membership situated. The gym I was signed up for actually was bought out so I have to go and cancel that membership tomorrow however I signed up for a new one today. I’m glad I did because this gym I signed up for has a ton of ... Read More »

Day 6 – More Chipotle & Failure

Popular Blog Site Logo

Day 6 would be Sunday February 24, 2013. The day started off great with my typical Chipotle obsession but then I fell off. I spent the entire day dieting good but then when I came back home I had some pizza and even more chipotle. I ate way to much and I felt miserable doing it but we all make ... Read More »

Quick Update for Popular Blog Site


Tonight I plan on running a traffic report for you guys so you know how Popular Blog Site is doing. I am actually doing pretty good for the month of February and I want to share the stats with you guys. As you might know, I have been on a diet and it hasn’t been going great but it has ... Read More »