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Traffic Update Will Be Posted Tomorrow


Tomorrow will be the first of the month. I will post exactly how much traffic I received for the month of February. I can tell you that I have exceeded my unique traffic from last month but I am shy of my goal of 8,000 unique visitors. I did have a bunch of consistent hits though meaning people have been ... Read More »

Day 9 – Awesome Workout At Gym & Diet Went Well

Elliptical Machine

Day 9 of this 84 day Intermittent Fasting Diet and today has been my best day yet! I am so proud to say that I kicked ass at the gym and I dominated my diet for the day. I am also officially going 2 days strong without drinking any pop, my drug of choice was Diet Coke. I still think ... Read More »

Thank You City Of Chicago For Being Stupid

Chicago Skyline

This really rages me. I don’t even understand how you can make this mistake. Today I received a parking ticket from the City of Chicago with a picture taken along the ticket. They are charging me $60.00 for this parking fine for being parked during “rush hour” at 9 in the morning. Here is why they are so damn stupid. ... Read More »

Day 8 – First Day At The Gym & I Fasted


Today would be Day 8 of my Intermittent Fasting Journey and it really felt like Day 1. If you have been keeping track of my progress you will have noticed the first 7 days were extremely rough and I failed multiple times. The good thing about the first 7 days is it broke me in for the success the rest ... Read More »

Trutein Pumpkin Pie Protein Flavor is Delicious

Trutein Pumpkin Pie Protein 5lbs

TruNutrition Sciences has released for a limited time Trutein Pumpkin Pie Flavor Protein and it is delicious! I am already a big fan of Trutein Cinnabun Protein so I figured the Pumpkin Pie flavor would also be a hit. I was completely right and I was lucky enough to try some today from a friend who’s in the supplement business. ... Read More »

Make Money From Your Blog or Website


Looking to generate some income for your website? Good, I think we all want to generate some cash from our blogs or websites and earn a decent living off them. Even if you have a full-time job you still could earn a decent passive income online from just blogging. I make some money from Popular Blog Site but it isn’t ... Read More »