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Looking For A Healthy Diet Snack? Try Seaweed

dry seaweed

We all struggle to find healthy snacks when we are dieting but I have a good solution for your problem. Seaweed. Wait, do you mean that green stuff in the ocean that looks nasty? Yes! Well, sorta. The seaweed I’m referring to is the stuff wrapped inside your sushi roll or if you go to certain market places they sell ... Read More »

Day 18 – Lost 12 Pounds in 18 Days

Very Excited For Weight Loss

Sorry for the day late post but this is for Day 18 of my 84 day diet plan. I am ecstatic to say that in 18 days I have lost over 12 pounds! That is so exciting because hard work is starting to pay off. I feel amazing, I look amazing, and I am just even more motivated to continue ... Read More »

Day 15 – Killing it with Cardio, Diet on Point

Elliptical Machine

Today was the 15th day of my journey which means there is 69 days left. I decided today that I am going to start getting more serious about my fasting. With that being said, I am fasting not only tomorrow but also on Friday this week because I have been neglecting my 5:2 ratio and I need to start thinking ... Read More »

Social Media is Encouraged Here


Please feel free to use any of the Social Media buttons I have offered you on Popular Blog Site. As you can see, they are just about everywhere and I need your help to pass the word along. I’m sure you have a Twitter or a Facebook account right? With that being said, if you see an article you enjoy ... Read More »