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Day 30 – Down 15 Pounds Now

Diet Scale

Today is Day 30 of my Intermittent Fasting Journey and I am getting tired of writing these posts, lol. Really but not really. Good News folks, I lost 15 pounds as of today! I feel like I am getting thinner but I still feel like I’m having no progress but the scale doesn’t lie so I need to accept it. ... Read More »

Day 28 – Fasted The Whole Day & Felt Great

fasting and not eating

Day 28 is a success and I was able to complete my fasting for the entire day! As you know, I am doing Intermittent Fasting and I have successfully fasted for today which is Monday. My next fasting will occur on Thursday this same week. I’m actually starting to get use to this fasting thing and its getting easier and ... Read More »

Day 25, 26, and 27 – Sick as a Dog

hate being sick

The past couple of days including today I have been very sick. I have the flu or a cold or something. I have been eating a normal diet this entire weekend and I haven’t been to the gym in a few days. Hopefully, I wake up tomorrow morning feeling much better and then I can continue my dieting success and ... Read More »