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Day 36 – Week 6 Already? Time Flies


Today would be the first day of week 6 making it Day 36 of my Intermittent Fasting Diet. I can’t believe it is already Week 6, where has the time gone? So far this has been a successful journey and I hope to maintain this success until the 84th day upon completion. I have already lost a total of 18 ... Read More »

Day 34 & Day 35 – From Cheat Meals To Fasting


This post will talk about Day 34 and Day 35 of my Intermittent Fasting Journey. I didn’t have time to post about Day 34 last night so I decided to just combine both of these days together to make it easier on me. Day 34 was a complete wash, I ate like total crap and I’m still regretting it. I’m ... Read More »

Day 33 – Double Burrito Bowl + Cheat Meal

chipotle burrito popular blog site

Today was Day 33 and I had some delicious food. I had 2 steak burrito bowls today from Chipotle and they were delicious! I have been doing this my entire weekends during this diet and it has been fulfilling! Yes, it’s not perfect but it definitely isn’t like eating pizza or anything with a boat load of carbs and it ... Read More »

Rob Zombie – Demon Speeding Video + Lyrics

Rob Zombie Demon Speeding

Rob Zombie is the ultimate playlist when it comes to me going to the gym. I actually enjoy a bunch of his songs but Demon Speeding is the one that pumps me up the hardest for the gym. It is also a very bad song to have on when you are driving on the expressway because it makes me want ... Read More »