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Captcha is always impossible to read

Alright guys, I get it. Captcha code keeps the spammers away. I think that is fantastic! But when a human being can’t even read the dame thing? Why are they damn near impossible to read?? Is their a computer program out there that has eyes and can see more basic images? Their is nothing more frustrating then not being able to type in a proper captcha code countless amounts of times just to keep getting an error message. Let’s make the Captcha code more simple. How about a background image that doesn’t impair your ability to read the numbers and letters in the captcha code? Couldn’t we just outline the letter with a different color than the background image so that the letters pop out more? I have basic knowledge of Photoshop and know this is possible and effective!

How about a font that is legible for the Captcha code as well? When the font looks damn near wingdings then we have a problem. Please use an Arial or a times new roman instead of some calligraphy that is impossible to read. If you feel the same way or know a legitimate reason it’s so hard to comprehend, please leave a comment.