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Cannoli Cupcakes Are Delicious, Italian’s know their food

Cannoli Cupcakes are delicious. I am Italian and I’m very picky about my pasta and my deserts so I automatically shoot down stores making any Italian food. I much rather prefer when my grandparents cook authentic Italian food but sometimes I can’t get to that delicious food all the time and I have to go to the local stores in the area. My mom actually brought me over a Cannoli Cupcake from the place she works at so I had to try it. It was delicious.

cannoli cupcake

Actual Image of Cannoli Cupcake

I’m not much of a cupcake fan to begin with so I was skeptical. I might be weird but I am not a big fan of frosting. I do not like the taste and it’s just way to much sugar for my taste buds. But this cupcake had literally like Cannoli cream in it so it tasted delicious. As you can see in the image is also had the green pistachio nuts in it as well to give it that nice crunch texture.

Yum. I can’t wait to eat more. I think I should bake me some cannolis right now.