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Bud Light Platinum Review

Bud Light Platinum Review:

Delicious. I thought Bud Light platinum was delicious. It tasted seriously like I was drinking a higher end beer. It had almost a creamy champagne-y like taste for a beer. It also has a higher alcohol percentage than its former plain Bud Light. I got a 12 pack at Binny’s for $12.99 and it was worth it. Higher brands go for a little more than that price and this one tasted like a higher end brand.

The bottle also looks pretty cool, it’s like a dark blue almost purple tinted glass bottle. Somebody could probably make a pretty sweet piece of art with empty Bud Light Platinum bottles and I’m sure if I did a YouTube search in a few months I would be right.

“Should I buy Bud Light Platinum, or is it all hype?”

Buy it. Try it out. You won’t be disappointed.