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Brand New Niche Website – Why Are People Left Handed

I have created yet another brand new niche website, Why Are People Left Handed .com.

I purchased the URL 2 days ago and I already have the homepage and the blog set up. I told you guys, this is my year to shine. It’s 2013 and I’m not messing around.

The reason I decided to make a left handed website is because I am left handed for one, and for two, that exact keyword phrase could rank me #1. The competition is pretty low and that term is searched very frequently. If I could get over 100,000 hit’s a month, I could make some serious money with advertising and affiliate sales.

Why Are People Left Handed?

I love being left handed, makes me unique. Their is only 10% of us lefties in the world and I bet you that you are right handed reading this. If you are left handed, you better go check out my new niche website.

I added a section to this website called “Left Handed Problems” in which I’ll state a few problems and create a graphic image for it. For example, the Left Handed Problem #1 is Dry Erase Boards. If you are a lefty you already know what I’m going to say. Every time I write with my left hand, I smudge or smear the marker right off the board.

Make sure you check out that section and also my brand new website, Why Are People Left Handed .com. Thanks!