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Brand New Niche Website Added to Popular Blog Site Empire

That’s right folks. I have purchased another brand new URL name.

This is going to be a fun niche and it should also perform very well! This is a very unique niche and gets searched quite often on a monthly basis. Also the competition is very low so I should be able to maximize on the #1 position on Google.

I can’t tell you what it is yet, but once I have the website completed, I will welcome you in to my world. I actually just set up Google Analytics for it and since 10 minutes ago, I already have 5 unique visitors. This domain name has never been used prior, it is a clean slate and I got it super cheap.

Brand New Niche Site – Popular Blog Site

I mentioned in the past that I want to create a brand new website every 2 weeks. Well so far, I have failed. I need to play some catchup and get cracking on these websites, specifically these niche websites I have. I want to turn Popular Blog Site into an empire. It’s going to be the master domain and the rest will stem off of this.

If you follow me on Twitter, you will soon start to see my brand new niche site being tweeted. I’m excited, Let’s make money online together!