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Being Your Own Boss: No More 9 to 5 Job

Making important decisions on your own, telling people what to do, and not taking shit from anybody! What I’m talking about is being your own boss, no more 9 to 5 job.

Your Miserable 9 to 5 Job: Why it sucks

-Whether you have a 9 to 5 job or any job where you are working hours upon unappreciated hours you can admit that at some point you felt or feel miserable. It could possibly be now that you are feeling miserable with a job, or maybe you had a job in the past that you hated. The point is if you are like most people, you hate being told what to do. You want to be your own boss and have your own income and live in your own paradise. Nothing more is wanted but to have financial freedom and being able to express how you feel without fearing you will lose your job.

Your 9 to 5 Job totally sucks, I mean that’s probably how you even got to this post in the first place. You know it sucks, but you also know you have obligations. You have bills and they are not cheap, and you need to work this miserable job in order to pay these bills. Face it, if you didn’t have to worry about paying your bills you would not be at this miserable job in the first place.

So why does your 9 to 5 job suck? There is multiple reasons your 9 to 5 job could be sucking right now and I will bullet point a few of them right now.

  • Over Worked and Under Paid
  • The Commute
  • Asshole Co-Workers
  • Insecure Boss
  • Haven’t received a well deserved raise
  • Watching People Kiss Ass and get ahead for no good reason

Now that is just a few of the bullet points and please feel free to comment on any of those and I would love to know why your job is miserable. They are pretty self explanatory and I don’t want to waste your time explaining each one but I do want to focus on one of those points.

“Watching People Kiss Ass”

-Here’s how I feel about people who kiss ass. You are a worthless human being. Hey Mr. Kiss Ass, do you really believe that when shit goes down your sucking ass is going to keep your job? No it’s not. You will be found out to be the worst employee and all that ass kissing goes right down the drain. Now if you are a very hard worker, I can understand showing initiative and possibly a little ass kissing. But don’t use that only and do nothing all day at work. Other Co-Workers snipe you out right off the bat.

-You all are thinking of that one person who kisses ass at your workplace and wondering why that douche is getting a promotion while your working twice as hard. Well, sadly, that appears to be the way it works. I am full support on the No Kiss Ass rule though. I am the type of person who tells it like it is and for sensitive people, they think of that as being an asshole. I truly believe if you tell it like it is, you can NOT fail in the long term. Our conscience is completely clear and you don’t have to rely on buying co-workers lunch everyday or offering your lips to kiss an ass. Sorry for that rant but lets kill the kiss assery in the workplace!

Don’t quit just yet: My honest Opinion

-As much as it would feel great to just say, you know what, I quit, it isn’t going to do anything but make you even worse off then you were before. Deal with you miserable job but start the gears in motion. Have a plan and have actions in place. Don’t just quit with nothing going for you yet. You need a solid backup plan or else you will end up with an even worse job or maybe even no job and you will be not only miserable you will be financially fucked.

-Here’s an example of what you could do- Start a side business in your free time. “But I don’t have any free time”, well make some! You will never get out of your own hell without killing your excuses right off the bat. Say you start a Lawn Business just cutting people’s lawns for a cheap price. If you start profiting any money from it, save that money. Save all the money you possibly can. No eating out, no entertainment. The things you do now, even if it makes your life suck a hell of a lot worse, will pay off in the future. And could be the near future depending on how much you accomplish. Then after you establish a business that is giving you enough income to where you can pay your bills then that is when you decide to leave your 9 to 5 job. You will feel comfortable when you know the time is right.

Being your own Boss: The Ultimate Goal

-I have a few endeavors including this website but this is truly my first platform where I can express my opinion and have no one else tell me what the hell I need to say. I can say whatever is on my mind and that is my ultimate goal. I still have a “real” job where I have a boss who tells me what to do, but I can’t really complain. I get to sit on a computer all day and do internet marketing, and graphic design. It’s not half bad but I want to be able to sleep in any day I want. I want to be able to work from a Wifi hotspot in a different country one day, and then the next day work in Las Vegas during the day, and gamble at night. I want to be able to provide my girlfriend with any material object her heart desires. I want to buy a Lamborghini. Being your own boss gives you a chance at creating a high income future for yourself and your family.

-Is it just me, or is everyone an idiot? I feel like the people I associate with everyday just keep getting dumber and dumber. Not employees necessarily, but people I meet and talk to in public. Maybe I just can’t find the right people, but it seems I can’t even have a good conversation with anyone anymore. However, I do think differently than anybody else I have yet to meet in my life. I am 22 years old, and I’m left handed. There is truth to thinking differently as a lefty. I feel blessed to be left handed because my mind is incredible and my cognitive functions are sharp.

-If you are anything like me you find yourself wondering, if I ran this company I work for, I would do this so much better. Now most times that’s a bold statement but there is truly companies out there where they grew so fast and they out grew the people who were in charge when they were still small. I use to work for this smaller company that had ton of potential and tons of millions of dollars that could have been earned but the proper people were not in place.

-I also worked for a big corporation, think a circle with a dot and the color red and I’m sure you figured it out by now. That was by far the worst fucking job I have ever had in my life. It is nothing but a bunch of zombie bosses who went to “Red Circle Dot College” and are insanely brainwashed to make you feel like shit every single day of your life. How can you not be miserable as an employee when your boss is miserable? It’s impossible and I’ll eventually make a post abut this shit job I used to have.

What can I do right now?

Take action. Start whatever you think you can be good at. Don’t just think about it, start putting the pieces together to form that financial freedom. Be your own Boss right now. Start making a plan and follow that plan. Put a bunch of little goals together and accomplish those goals.

If you miss a goal, don’t quit. Revise your plan, make new goals, and try again! However long it takes for you to become your own boss and become financially free, will not matter because when you are free you will be free for the rest of your life.

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