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Beer is Good – I Enjoy a Nice Cold Corona

Every now and then I want a nice refreshing cold beer. What beer is it you say? A nice cold Corona!

I really enjoy Corona, yes it is a bit more expensive but it is totally worth it. I do need a slice of lime on the top though, which makes it so much more tasty.

You guys are really going to think I’m gross after I tell you about a favorite Corona mix drink I make. My friend actually told me about this one and it is one of my favorite alcoholic drinks to date. This is what you need to have in order to make this drink. You need, a lemon or lime, salt, and tomato juice.

Open a corona and drink all the beer that is in the neck of the bottle. Then squeeze a lemon or lime into the bottle, doesn’t matter which, whatever you prefer. Then fill the rest of the neck with tomato juice. The bottle of beer is going to turn a deeper red color, that’s fine. Now, pour as much salt as you like inside the bottle and be ready to chug this beer because sometimes a reaction takes plus and causes the beer to come up the bottle.

It is so damn delicious and so smooth but you need t0o like tomato juice in order for this to work. Things to remember, it is much more liquid in your body than just beer. Make sure you have a bathroom near by to empty out every few minutes. Also, I’m not sure if it’s because of the benefits that the tomato juice brings to the table, but I have yet to have a hangover from drinking these.

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