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Baltimore Ravens are Super Bowl 47 Champions

Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens on winning the 47th Super Bowl.

They are the official NFL Super Bowl Champions. The final score ended up being 34-31 Baltimore.

There was a power outage that happened right after halftime that actually gave the San Francisco 49ers a spark and come back to almost win it but they just couldn’t get it done in time. at the very end San Francisco almost was able to score on 4th down but what appeared to be a holding call against the Ravens went un-called and the Ravens were able to run out the clock.

Then at the very end, they had the punter of the Ravens take a Safety on purpose to run out the clock some more. Very Smart if you ask me.

NFL Super Bowl Champions – Baltimore Ravens

Ray Lewis Super Bowl 47 Champions Baltimore Ravens

Ray Lewis will get to retire with his last football appearance being a Super Bowl victory.

How about the commercials though? Usually they are suppose to be funny right? The only funny one I saw was the Gangnam Style Pistachio nut commercial but that was about it.

Congrats again to the Baltimore Ravens on their Super Bowl Victory.