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The Vegas Sandwich – It Worked! Venetian/Palazzo


The Vegas Sandwich is a technique used by the pros to get an amazing room in your suite instead of the crappy room you booked. The Vegas Sandwich is when you tip the guy or girl working at the desk $20.00 and ask “if they have any complimentary upgrades available”. In my case, I tipped with a $50.00! This is ... Read More »

Living Off Of Affiliate Sales – Dream Job?


We all look for that dream job right? We aim to be happy and we aim to make money but who here knows someone who has a high paying job yet is unhappy? It’s actually quite more common then you would think! It could be you reading this right now but what made you stumble upon this article? Could it ... Read More »

What is the best Website Hosting? Step by Step Guide


What is the best website hosting available today? Bluehost. We have done all the research, tried all the hosts, and just based on all our expertise we can easily say Bluehost is your best bet. Normally Bluehost costs $6.95/month, which is super cheap for what they offer, but through our affiliate link it is only $4.95/month! You can not beat ... Read More »

How My Eating Has Been Lately


Hey guys, I haven’t posted anything in a week or so but no worries I’m still here! I have been working out a lifestyle change so I have been trying to clean up my diet. I am proud to say I have been eating super clean and I feel great! I have been eating an apple for breakfast, then I ... Read More »

Will.I.Am Featuring Justin Bieber – #thatPower Video


Wow this song hits my sub woofer’s hard! I love this damn song! DOOM DOOM DOOM DOOM…They call me Willie… This song is seriously awesome. Look Justin Bieber haters, give it a chance. Besides it’s barely Justin Bieber at all in the song, it’s mostly Will.I.Am. This is probably the best beat I have heard in a long time, I ... Read More »