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Popular Blog Site Updated Big Time


Popular Blog Site has been around for a couple years now but it has always been on and off. Now I have time to keep this thing going and I have 100% Ownership! Popular Blog Site has been gaining new traffic and more views monthly since the day it became a website. I want to keep this trend going and ... Read More »

2014 Toyota Camry XLE Review


The 2014 Toyota Camry is the number 1 selling passenger vehicle in the United States of America. I had the fortunate luck of getting a 2013 Toyota Camry as a rental car when I drove from Chicago Illinois to Las Vegas Nevada. The 2013 Toyota Camry is virtually the same exact car as the 2014 model in case you didn’t ... Read More »

People! Get Up And DO IT ALREADY!


How many people do you hear on a daily basis talking about how much they hate where they are at? Sure they have great ideas and aspirations but why are they never getting anywhere in life? These are the same people who are miserable. If your unhappy you can’t blame your job or whatever you can only blame yourself! Of ... Read More »

Marshall Mathers Trolls ESPN – Guess who’s back?


Slim Shady is back in business ladies and gentlemen. If you read this blog, you might be the only one, you may have seen this brand new song Berzerk by Eminem. Eminem has a brand new CD coming out November 5th, the Marshal Mathers LP2 so he’s starting to bring back his old antics. If you were watching the Michigan ... Read More »

The Product Promoter Is Now LIVE!


I have been very busy building some projects lately and here is my most recent one! The Product Promoter! The Product Promoter is designed to direct you to the best places to purchase various products online at the very best prices. I also plan on putting up special coupons that only my website can offer for great deals. I have ... Read More »