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Empyrean Nutrition Insu-Pro Watermelon Protein Review

I sometimes get to sample some products and I was able to sample some Empyrean Nutrition Insu-Pro Watermelon Protein. Not only can I say this stuff is delicious but it is a high quality protein. It’s good to take this right after your work out because its formulated to get to your muscles fast. They also have a few other ... Read More »

Update 2/4/2012

Hello everyone and anyone who might be viewing this website already in the early stages. This would be the 2nd day that this website exists! I am very happy that a few people have already commented on the couple of posts I have added and I appreciate it very much so. I have updated a few things today, like google ... Read More »

Life Extension Gaba Powder Review

Here is the first review I have ever done so bear with me. I originally bought this item for my girlfriend but I decided to try it. The people I worked with suggested I try pure GABA powder to help my girlfriend get to sleep. The one recommended to me specifically was this one by Life Extension. Life Extension Gaba ... Read More »

Welcome to Popular Blog

If you are seeing this post, you are one of the first few people to view this website. This is the first post ever created for my site. I decided to make a blog so this is it. I could not think of a name for a URL and it was killing my brain for the past month so I ... Read More »