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Cannoli Cupcakes Are Delicious, Italian’s know their food

cannoli cupcake

Cannoli Cupcakes are delicious. I am Italian and I’m very picky about my pasta and my deserts so I automatically shoot down stores making any Italian food. I much rather prefer when my grandparents cook authentic Italian food but sometimes I can’t get to that delicious food all the time and I have to go to the local stores in ... Read More »

Major Website Update Popular Blog Site

As you can probably tell I have updated the website drastically. The theme, the way things operate, and much more. I have implemented a bunch of new features that makes everyone’s lives easier and gives you something fun to experience. This will remain the theme for a while because it took a great deal of time to fine tune it. ... Read More »

Nice Weather, Makes you want to lose weight

Nice Weather, Makes you want to lose weight, Right? It makes me want to start a nice healthy diet and to start going back to the gym. Well the weather is finally starting to become nice again in Chicago so I am going to start going to the gym again tomorrow. I will also be eating very healthy as well. ... Read More »

Worked Over 120 Hours this Pay period, Overtime = YES

I worked over 120 hours this pay period and boy can my body feel it. I have been exhausted but I just got my pay stub and cha-ching. The money does not lie my friends. Hard work does pay off. Only downside is I haven’t had time to post anything on here really. I hope this weekend I will have ... Read More »

Michigan Lottery Winner Amanda Clayton Still Collects Food Stamps

Michigan Lottery Winner Amanda Clayton Still Collects Food Stamps Can you believe this? This woman, Amanda Clayton, Won $1,000,000 in the Michigan State Lottery and is still collecting $200.00 a month in food stamps. Since when is state assistance granted to people who do NOT need it? Maybe if she won and blew all her money which she probably will ... Read More »