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Where to Find a Graphic Designer


Looking for a Graphic Designer? I can show you exactly where to find a graphic designer. You have come to the right place. I happen to do Graphic Design on the side and I can create anything you might need for your website or business. Right now I do all the graphics for the company I work for, along with ... Read More »

Left Handed

left handed store

I am Left Handed and I am very glad that I am indeed Left Handed. It has it’s perks but it also makes life a bit more difficult to live. Being Left Handed means being different than a majority of the world. Try that one on for size…different than a majority of the WORLD. Since I’m Left Handed I feel ... Read More »

How To Write Better Blog Posts


At my school there is a template for how most exams are structured after 10th grade, especially when it comes to languages. You will be provided with a text, which can either be new to the students or an excerpt of the literary text handled in class. Then there are three questions, each belonging to a different ‘level’ (in German ... Read More »

How Do You Get A Blog


How do you get a blog? If you are asking how do you get a blog then you have come to the right place! There are a bunch of ways to get a blog or create a website for that matter and I will go over the best ways to get a blog right now. How Do You Get a ... Read More »

I’m my own worst critic

Have you ever did a project or created anything and just spent hours on it because you are so dissatisfied with your final result? That is pretty much what I go through on a daily basis. I will create a few different versions of something and hate all of them. I will show some other people the different versions I ... Read More »

Marketing Your Blog


Marketing your blog or your business with Twitter is a very beneficial way to gain traffic. Twitter is one of the best ways to market your blog. Where else can you gain followers for free and post anything you want to them in 140 characters or less? You better be taking advantage of Twitter. If you are not using Twitter ... Read More »