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Popular Blog Site Will Have a Podcast


Popular Blog Site will be having a Podcast in the future. I’m not sure exactly when but I was messing around recording on my iPhone and it didn’t sound half bad. My girlfriend had mentioned that I dropped too many F-words so I definitely need to practice. I’m not a big fan of my voice but it doesn’t sound half ... Read More »

Jerry Seinfeld Shows How He Writes Jokes


The New York Times published a video yesterday about how Jerry Seinfeld writes his jokes. He describes a joke that took him 2 years to write about and that joke is about a poptart. He breaks down the entire joke into a 5 minute video and explains the beginning and the end of the joke about poptarts. He explains that ... Read More »

Dr. Oz is the Supplement Version of Oprah


Dr. Oz is the most influential person on television right now and he is all about supplements. You could say that Doctor Oz is the modern day version of Oprah. Remember back when Oprah was the hottest show on television and she would give products away? Oprah would mention a book and that author became an instant millionaire. You can ... Read More »

What is a Blog Site (Popular Blog Site)

Popular Blog Site Logo

What is a Blog Site? A blog site is a website that is usually more content based than anything. A blog gives you the ability to express whatever you want. If you want to state your views or maybe your products, you can give your honest opinions on whatever it may be and post it on a blog website.  The ... Read More »

Is The World Going To End on Friday?


Well the date has finally come. On Friday the World is supposedly suppose to end and it has been talked about for years now. December 21, 2012 is the last day for the world to exist according to the Mayans right? I don’t really know much about the topic but I heard it’s just the end of their calender year ... Read More »