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Thinking with some Perspective

Perspective Thinking

Ever feel like your depressed or that the world is against you? I sorta understand depression but in reality I have no where near the experiences of others who have a serious problem. I have a friend who had an intervention the other day because of the actions my friend took. I offered my friend some advice that keeps me ... Read More »

Paypal & Paypal Smart Connect


Since I’m trying to reduce my paper trail, I have started a Paypal account. Wait…what? Your just starting a Paypal account now? Well yes and no. I have always had one for eBay and for other small things but now I have created one for business. I’m started ot get paid and starting to sign up to more affiliate marketing ... Read More »

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show (iTunes Podcast)


Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky are back at it with their podcast and it’s just as good as it’s ever been. Adam Carolla is his usual self and Dr. Drew gives you that doctor known insight. They are on their 6th episode now and it seems that they release one every couple days. I usually listen to Adam’s regular ... Read More »

My Future eBook (The 15 Day Strategy for Online Income)

money bags

I came up with this awesome strategy for creating a successful online internet income and it involves the process of 15 days. It forces you to set a structured goal in place making you capitalize on your time and to keep the machine rolling so your income starts pouring in. This eBook is still being written by myself and probably ... Read More »

Niche Website Update 7 Days Later

HTCAWO Indexed 1 4 13

If you keep up with my blog you will have seen that I have created a Niche Website. I want to show you guys how even after 7 days you can see progress. This website is brand new but I’m already seeing crazy results, well at least in my opinion. I haven’t seen a Google Organic search result yet but ... Read More »