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How To Make An Extra $20,000 Dollars A DAY!

become rich now

I have the key to making an extra $20,000 dollars a day! With my perfected strategy you will be on your way to making Thousands of Dollars a day without even waking up. You can literally be dead and be making more then I am in seconds. This is a full proof way to become a millionaire in less than ... Read More »

Website Traffic Update January 21, 2013

need more traffic

Here is a traffic update for January 21, 2013. Not doing as well as I have hoped. I’m only at 3,146 Unique IP’s for the month of January. If you read my last traffic update, you will notice I am not going to hit my goal. However, I do believe the quality of my visitors has gone up. I seem ... Read More »

Fixed the Email Subscriber (Please Subscribe)

email list

Thanks to a twitter fan of mine, Danny Micheals, I was informed that my sidebar email subscription form wasn’t working. I was actually starting to get suspicious considering I haven’t had a new subscriber in a couple weeks. The reason this happened was because I did some editing on my theme’s coding a few weeks back and it reset the ... Read More »

King of the Nerds – New Game Show on TBS

king of the nerds

I’m watching the season premier of this new game show called “King of the Nerds” and its awkwardly funny. I’m assuming this is a real game show and not a reality TV, staged kind of show. The 2 hosts are the guys from the movie Revenge of the Nerds, Robert Carradine & Curtis Armstrong. For what I take of it, ... Read More »