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The Robertson Family Official Statement


The Robertson Family Official Statement was just released tonight. If you don’t know what this is referring too, it’s referring to Phil Robertson getting kicked off of Duck Dynasty for some comments he left in a GQ Interview. It seems that multiple people are supporting Phil Robertson actually and keep using the Freedom of Speech card. As someone who totally ... Read More »

Google Authorship Reduced in Search Results


It has officially been confirmed that Google has reduced their authorship from appearing in the search results according to SEL. This means unless your a big deal your picture won’t show up in the search results anymore even if you are using the author tag. People seem to think the author isn’t what’s important but more of the website authority. ... Read More »

Target Stores Credit Card Breach


Target Stores have been hit by a major credit card attack! If you shopped at Target from Black Friday until recent, it’s pretty likely some hacker has your debit or credit card information. How awesome is that? Not! It’s such a severe case that the secret service is investigating the matter. Investigators are saying this could possibly be the biggest ... Read More »

Phil Robertson Kicked Off Duck Dynasty


Phil Robertson has officially been kicked off of the hit TV sitcom, Duck Dynasty. Surprisingly, I figured everyone knew what Duck Dynasty was because the girlfriend and I dressed as Miss Kay and I was Phil Robertson for Halloween this year. No one really knew who the hell we were but they all said they at least heard of the ... Read More »

Spotify Premium Review 2014


Spotify Premium Review 2014. Spotify is a great program and excellent cellphone App. I currently pay $9.99 for the premium version of Spotify and it’s totally worth it. For one I feel good that maybe artists are getting paid a small chunk of this and also most songs I listen to are on Spotify. It syncs perfectly with my Camry ... Read More »

Flipping Vegas on A&E TV


Flipping Vegas on A&E is my new favorite show on TV. Before I begin talking about the show Flipping Vegas, it’s most likely fake so I’m just going to “pretend” it’s not fake so bear with me. Scott and Amie make a wacky team and they are apparently married as well which makes the whole show sort of awkward. Amie ... Read More »