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Author Archives: admin

Brand New Niche Website – Why Are People Left Handed

Why Are People Left Handed Logo

I have created yet another brand new niche website, Why Are People Left Handed .com. I purchased the URL 2 days ago and I already have the homepage and the blog set up. I told you guys, this is my year to shine. It’s 2013 and I’m not messing around. The reason I decided to make a left handed website ... Read More »

Popular Blog Site Podcast Episode .5 Audio Teaser


This is the first time I have recorded any audio for Popular Blog Site. The quality of this audio isn’t the best. I recorded it with my iPhone driving home from work. Yes, you can hear traffic in the background and my audio is a little weird. It’s actually not to shabby for my first time recording while dodging traffic ... Read More »

Halo GrifBall Pro – New Matchmaking Game

Halo GrifBall

Halo GrifBall is a brand new matchmaking game introduced by Halo today. It’s almost like playing soccer or hockey. They give you a hammer and a sword and you have to run to the ball and score a goal. It is actually pretty fun and I am playing it right now. It’s cool that the company running Halo now keeps ... Read More »