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Can You Overdose on Protein?


John from Best Price Nutrition takes on the question, “Can You Overdose on Protein?” I happen to work right alongside John in the same office building so I know him very well. I am very lucky to know such an intelligent guy and to be surrounded by a wealth of nutritional knowledge. John truly knows what he is talking about ... Read More »

Howard Stern Show – January 6, 2014 Full Show

Howard Stern Show

The Howard Stern Show for January 6, 2014 is now available on YouTube for the time being. Howard Stern weighs in on Bob Grant’s Death which was a pretty emotional topic for Howard. Stern explains how his father always listened to Bob Grant on the radio and how Stern basically crafted his career by being influenced by Bob Grant. He ... Read More »

Get the Cheapest Price for a New Car


Buying a brand new car can be a fun experience and it also could be a first time experience. Some people never get to have this new car buying experience in their entire life. If you are fortunate enough to be able to purchase a brand new vehicle, then you will want to read this. ¬†Everyone is trying to get ... Read More »

Fredde Computer Work Station from IKEA


I just recently purchased the FREDDE Computer Work Station from IKEA. If you don’t have an IKEA by you it’s an enormous warehouse type store that sells all sorts of home furniture. IKEA is pretty cool if you just bought a house and need ideas for your new home and the prices are also reasonable. I happen to have a ... Read More »

Weed Pot Marijuana Ganja Sales $1 Million


Weed sales have surpassed over $1 Million Dollars on it’s first day being legal in Colorado. That is 1 day of weed sales making over a million dollars. I think I read an estimate that Colorado could be racking in about $130 Million in Pot sales by the end of the tax season. That is a lot of green, literally. ... Read More »

New Years Resolutions 2014


New Years Resolutions for 2014. I think it’s about time to start writing down and acting on your resolutions for the new year. 2014 brings us a brand new year and a fresh start to something we need to accomplish or pursue. 2013 wasn’t the best for me so I’m just waiting for it to end so I can have ... Read More »