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Day 45 – Amazing Workout & Decent Eating

amazing workout

Today is Day 45 of my Intermittent Fasting Diet and I had a great workout! I went to the gym and totally owned the elliptical machine! In 30 minutes I burned over 500 calories and I could have kept going for another hour but I had to leave and get ready for work. Bummer. Anyways I was heating up underneath ... Read More »

Why .com Website Over Free Website? No Brainer.

Website Hosting BlueHost Affiliate

Everyone loves things that are free right? Well sometimes something that is free isn’t all it cracks up to be. Sure, you can own a free url or website if you will but you won’t be able to expand your business to it’s full potential. How To Create A Website Online offers you with many tips to create a free ... Read More »

Day 44 – Subway & Some Carb Up


Today is Day 44 of my crazy diet adventure and I decided to fill up on some carbs today so I get some energy for the second half of the week. Today I was ridiculously tired but still managed to burn 400 plus calories at the gym. Score! What I really need to do is get more sleep so I’m ... Read More »

Day 43 – 600 Calories Burned + Unusual Fasting Day


Today is Day 43 and I decided to Fast Today since I screwed up big time yesterday. If you do not know what I am referring too, I decided to do an Intermittent Fasting Diet which you can read on Popular Blog Site! If you read my post from yesterday you would have found out that I stuffed my face ... Read More »