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Day 52 – Day 54 – I’ve been slacking big time


The past 3 days of my diet, including today, have been horrible. I can’t even say I have been doing decent. I’m starting to unravel in this terrible spiral downhill that doesn’t seem to be stopping. I have been letting my emotions get to me and I need to get my mind back in action. The hardest part about this ... Read More »

Day 50 – Great Cardio Workout & Clean Eating

beef jerky

Today was Day 50 of my Intermittent Fasting Diet and I had a solid recovery day since I messed up pretty badly the previous day. I started my morning extremely tired and lethargic except I was determined to go to the gym. I eventually got up and stumbled myself into my car and drove to the gym and I was ... Read More »

Day 49 – Emotions Took Over My Eating

taco bell doritos nacho

Day 49 of my Intermittent Fasting Diet and I let my emotions get to me. I was suppose to fast today but that didn’t happen because I had some problems during my day. Let’s just say, without going into details, I had a bad day at work. Not this website or any of my other businesses, but my actual full-time ... Read More »

Day 48 – Downtown Chicago + Italian Food

Chicago Skyline

Today was Day 48 of my dieting journey and I went to the beautiful city of Chicago and enjoyed the beautiful weather. My mistake was taking a certain route downtown not aware that today was the Shamrock Shuffle 8k race! It was quite interesting seeing all the people wearing green shirts today considering it is way past St. Patrick’s Day ... Read More »

Louis C.K. on Howard Stern 4/3/13 YouTube Video

Howard Stern Louis CK

I’m a huge Howard Stern fan and also a huge Louis C.K. fan and the two reunited again on this episode of The Howard Stern Show which aired April 3rd, 2013. Howard always gets the best out of every single person he interviews and you will find this one very interesting. Thanks to the YouTube user “Benjy Bronk”, no relation ... Read More »