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Will Apple Create Their Own Version Of COIN?

I’m beginning to think Apple will make their own version of COIN sometime in the future. Apple seems to see a product with potential, and then create a crisp, almost perfect, version and sell millions.

I can already see it now, the lighting charger going directly into the card to charge it and a fancy app that utilizes your iPhone as well. I’d actually be pretty surprised if they don’t create their own version of this, it seems logical in my mind. The only thing I can see stopping them is if COIN has a patent for this making it impossible for Apple to create their own remake.

Coin is a great idea but they released too much information about the card before they will even have it ready. This creates a major problem for them because other big named companies have their eyes on this and will create a much more optimized version. It’s almost as if Coin is doing all the A/B testing and working out the details, just so some other company can swoop right in and steal the profit margin with ease. Apple is notorious for this as well, wouldn’t surprise me.


Will Apple Create Their Own Coin Card?

I’m definitely going to go out on a limb here and say yes, Apple will make their own version. Like I said, unless there’s a patent protecting Coin, which I’m hoping there isn’t some legal thing because I think Apple would make a much better product. I know a lot of people hate Apple but they are truly innovative.

Here’s a video on Coin to show you exactly what I’m talking about in case you haven’t been informed yet:

I’m all for Coin if no one else creates something better. I’ll definitely be buying one but I have the same concerns as other people do.

People are worried that the battery in the Coin will die thus making their card useless. This is where I think Apple or some other big company can capitalize. If they wire a charger inside the card and also make it blue tooth or something to secure your cards with your phone, then it will be a hit.

We shall see what happens and Apple if you do create this, I want 3% of your profits!