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Alicia Keys National Anthem Super Bowl 47

Alicia Keys performed the National Anthem for Super Bowl 47.

I actually think she did a fantastic job and even played the piano while singing it fluently.

We live in a society in which if you make the smallest error you will be getting criticized by the media for weeks even months at a time. I just listened to Alicia Keys perform the National Anthem for the Super Bowl and I think she is a beautiful, and talented woman. She definitely did an amazing job singing the national anthem and I’m impressed that she went out there and even played the piano while she was singing. That is talent and I can appreciate that.

Alicia Keys – Super Bowl 47 National Anthem

Alicia Keys Super Bowl 47 National Anthem

Alicia Keys looked beautiful in this red dress that she was wearing and the piano even looked beautiful made by Yamaha. Way to go Alicia, you have some serious talent.

Here is a YouTube video of Alicia Keys singing the National Anthem:

What do you guys think? Do you think she did an amazing job like I think or do you think she choked? Post a comment and let me know your take on it! Thanks!