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The Adam Carolla Show – Jon Taffer

This week on The Adam Carolla Show he had Jon Taffer as a guest. If you don’t know who Jon Taffer is, he is the star of Bar Rescue on Spike TV. Bar Rescue is a show where Taffer travels across the country and fixes people’s bars so they start making money again. Jon Taffer is all about the bottom line.

This episode shows a side of Adam that is seen quite frequently which is stressed. In this episode you can tell the patent trolls are starting to get to him and he begins contemplating ways to crowd source his lawsuit against them. Carolla makes a very good point that if his pirate ship gets taken down, then every other podcast that is doing well will also be taken down next. No matter what, this looks like it will cost Carolla millions of dollars to say the minimum which is a number I can’t even fathom.

The Adam Carolla Show – Jon Taffer


This podcast episode is the one where I learned that Mangria is going to be making an appearance on Bar Rescue. Jon mentions that he is also working on another show that will be sort of like Shark Tank. I can’t wait to see it!

You can listen to the podcast right here.