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5 Gum Flavors – Flavors of Five Gum

5 Gum Flavors are some of the tastiest flavors of the gum world. Gum use to be plain and boring until 5 gum came into the picture. Some of my favorite flavors of 5 gum are they minty ones but they also have very fruity flavors as well. It seems like every now and then 5 gum actually releases a new flavor and you can stay up to date with all of their flavors of gum right here.

Fun Fact: Did you know 5 gum is a company of Wrigley? I would never buy just plain ole Wrigley gum but I only buy 5 gum. Smart marketing move Wrigley!

5 Gum Flavors

There is a huge variety of flavors of 5 gum. Here is all the 5 gum flavors in a list:

  • Rain – Spearmint
  • Cobalt – Cool Peppermint
  • Flare – Cinnamon
  • Solstice – Cool & Warm
  • React Fruit
  • React Mint
  • Prism – Watermelon
  • RPM Fruit
  • RPM Mint
  • Beta – Berry
  • Focus – Spearmint or Peppermint
  • (Apparently there are multiple flavors not listed above but some are discontinued or harder to find)

Depending on my mood, I’ll either go with a minty flavor or a fruity flavor. The mint flavors of 5 gum freshen up your mouth instantly! Great to chew on some minty gum right after a meal, it will keep your mouth from smelling bad. When I have a taste for something desert like, I go with the fruity flavors.


My Favorite flavor of 5 Gum is RPM Mint. By far the best tasting gum and it lasts for a long time. I chomp like a horse and 5 gum seems to stay intact throughout my chewing process. What’s your favorite flavor of 5 Gum?